Founders & CEO

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Harsh Bhargava


Harsh Bhargava, MBA from Harvard Business School, is currently the President of BankworldInc,

Cinque Terre
Dr. Aruna Mankekar Bhargava


Dr. Aruna Mankekar Bhargava has over 25 years’ experience in development work including micro-enterprises,

Cinque Terre
Ulhas Kamat


Ulhas Kamat from IIT, Bombay and Tuck School of Business, University of Dartmouth brings his immense professional experience


Harsh Bhargava, MBA from Harvard Business School, is currently the President of BankworldInc, a Washington DC based international management consulting firm. In the year 2000, he, together with Dr.Aruna Bhargava, Founded I Create Inc. Mission of I Create is Economic Empowerment of unemployed youth and disadvantaged members of society, especially women at the grassroots through Entrepreneurship route.

Harsh Bhargava has development experience in 75 countries including projects on entrepreneurship and enabling youth employment, competitiveness strengthening, access to finance to micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and financial literacy. To enhance the entrepreneurial eco-system in India, he also provides his expertise to the Competitiveness Mindset Initiative at IIT GN as its Chief Mentor (pro bono).

As part of his earlier career, as the Vice President of a US Corporation he set up businesses in over 60 countries and was awarded US President's E Award for excellence in international business.

Harsh Bhargava has personally taught courses in starting, expanding and managing businesses at the Iacocca Institute, Lehigh University and the Wharton School in the US, and has been invited to speak at global conferences and events and institutions including IIT. He has been written up and interviewed in a number of TV shows and newspapers including the New York Times. He has written extensively on entrepreneurship as a career option for youth, and co-created training manuals and books on financial literacy and entrepreneurship training.

He is originally from India and worked with Tatas as a Tata Administrative Service officer with Tata Motors before coming to the USA.

Dr. Aruna Mankekar Bhargava has over 25 years’ experience in development work including micro-enterprises, micro-credit programs, vocational training, and women’s empowerment programs. She is the former director of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funded project in the Himalayan Foothills, India. In the year 2000, Aruna, together with her husband Harsh Bhargava, started I Create Inc.

Dr. Bhargava is the honorary Executive Director of I Create Inc. She is the author of several books including the acclaimed book, Everyday Entrepreneurs: the harbingers of prosperity and creators of jobs. The 5th revised edition of this book is now out. The book and parts of it are also available in several Indian and European languages. She is also the Editor of I Create’s latest publication called Creating Job Creators: 101 I Create Entrepreneurs and co-author of I Create’sEntrepreneurship Training Manual.

Dr. Bhargava is a PhD from Rutgers University and has taught undergrad courses at Rutgers and Kean Universities in the US and regularly provides training to the trainers at I Create workshops in India.

Ulhas Kamat of IIT, Bombay and Tuck School of Business, University of Dartmouth brings his immense professional experience and knowledge of more than four decades from for-profit world in various countries to the social sector in India for the benefit of underserved community. As Director of I Create Inc and CEO of I Create India (pro-bono), he has helped the growth of I Create in India since 2009. Ulhas Kamat is an accomplished business leader. He has successfully discharged the P&L responsibility of a variety of businesses and has been instrumental in turning loss-making units into profit generating entities. His extensive international work has been in both developed and developing countries. Ulhas has also been active in professional circles. He enjoys teaching and mentoring. He has spoken at professional associations, been an examiner in professional bodies, and presented technical papers in international forums.

Ulhas was professionally associated for over twenty years with several Fortune 500 companies – ICI, Unilever, IBM, TATA and Unisys. He held progressive management positions with these companies. Later, for about two decades, he was associated with a global holding company that owns and operates autonomous units worldwide. Geographically, this covered the USA, East Africa, West Africa, and Southeast Asia.

While in Kenya, as Chairman of KAMEA (Kenya Apparel Manufacturers and Exporters Association) he was actively involved from the Kenyan side in the passage of AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act), a United States Trade Act, enacted on 18th May, 2000.

After four decades in private sector, Ulhas decided to transition to the social sector to use his skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of underserved community. Till his return to India in the year 2008, he was the Director of Program Services at the Washington DC MBDC (Minority Business Development Center), a funded project of the US Government.

Keeping in view his vast experience and contribution to the subject of Entrepreneurship, Ulhas was invited by the Chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to join the Committee of Courses on Entrepreneurship as a Member in the year 2012. He presently continues in that position in his second term.

Management Team

Cinque Terre
Chitra Jagannath

         Chief Operating Officer

Chitra Jagannath's academic back ground includes communication and journalism as well as sales and marketing. Her prior work experience of more than two decades spans both the corporate and the development fields She has worked with organization like the Packard Foundation, UNFPA, DANIDA (Small projects), CIDA and the USAID, UNICEF, and AIDE et action in New Delhi. As part of the UNICEF – Aide –et action program, she trained youth from most backward area of Moradabad in vocational skills to enable them to have livelihood and responsibility.

Cinque Terre
Nagendra Babu K N

National Director – Development

Nagendra Babu K N brings with him a rich experience of almost 35 years in the Training, Development and Banking fields. As a Senior Manager and Director of the Monitoring Cell at the National Academy of RUDSETI, he has been associated with the drafting the EDP Training manual for PMRY( Prime Minister’s RozgarYogana) beneficiaries on behalf of the Ministry of MSME. He was also the Course Coordinator for the TOT program for the newly inducted Directors of various RUDSET institutes across the country.

Cinque Terre
Dr. Ranju Mehta

National Director - Programs

Dr. Ranju Mehta is the Vice-Principal of Kanoria Girls College and has taught Philosophy for last three decades .Her passion and consistent work in promoting entrepreneurship amongst youth and grassroots level won her international acclaim of Best Global Educator and Best Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher in 20O4 and 2012 from NFTE USA. Her flair for languages and keen interest in Entrepreneurship led her to translate the Manual for Teaching Entrepreneurship and a book of real life stories“Everyday Entrepreneurs” in Hindi.

Cinque Terre
Connie P Alva

         Director , I Create India

Connie P Alva is the Director of I Create Vishwas Center in Bangalore. She holds a postgraduate dgree in Pyschotherapy & Counselling and Human Resource Management. For more than a decade, she has worked in diverse sectors such as Rural Develpoment, Health, School Leadership Development, besdies forming district level Women’s Federations, and Network of Persons living with HIV/AIDS. She comes with the vast experience as a trainer in various fields to youth, women, students, health workers, governemnt and private school teachers and has worked in close liasion with Government Officials. She is a Member of the Governing Board of CARITAS INDIA.

Cinque Terre
Joseph Pius

    Director, I Create Snehdeep

Joseph Pius , Director of I Create Snehdeep, has close to three decades of experience in social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. He is the recipient of “Teacher of the Year 2009” award at New York from NFTE (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship). He has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs around Vadodara. In 1991, he decided to apply his skills to help entrepreneurs in Navayardslums and founded Snehdeep, an NGO.He is also the CEO of MelapMahila Credit Co-operative Society, Vadodara. Joseph is a Commerce Graduate from MS University of Baroda.

Cinque Terre
Hema Chawala

            I Create Rajasthan

Hema Chawala is an alumnus of ICFAI University Hyderabad. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and MBA in Finance. Her work experience over a decade includes firms like Tata Consultancy Services, E-Serve Ltd, Cygnus Business Research. She was head of Career and Placement Cell at Subodh PG Girls College, Jaipur. She is the Co-Founder at Tesori – fashion, Co- Founder and Chief Advisor at Chawla Agencies & Handicrafts (a leading handicraft manufacturing unit in Jaipur). Hema is an eminent speaker at various forums and institutes and is the Director of I Create Rajasthan.

Cinque Terre
Shobha Vinod

         Facilitator & Mentor,
    I Create National Academy

Shobha Vinod is a post graduate in English literature and was keen to join teaching profession. But the twists and turns of life landed her in banking industry where she has worked for more than three decades in various capacities.As a mentor, she is able to use her banking knowledge and satisfy her desire to be a teacher by being a facilitator. Shobha is fond of travelling, photography, and meeting new people. Empathetic by nature, she loves entrepreneurship facilitation. She is a Facilitator & Mentor at I Create Vishwas.

Cinque Terre

    Facilitator, I Create National                       Academy

C.M.N.Murthy , as a retired Senior Manager from Canara Bank, brings with him a vast experience of almost 40 years in Banking, Credit and Training fields. Under his stewardship, RSETI (Rural Self Employment Institute), Hassan bagged thecoveted No.1position among the Bank’s Training Institutes. He has authored a book on “Evaluation of Economic Empowerment of Women through Training”. He has presented a paper on “Best Practices in RSETI Trainings” at NIRD, Hyderabad. Murthy is Facilitator at National Academy.

Cinque Terre
Pankaja Ramachndra

         Facilitator & Mentor,
    I Create National Academy

Pankaja Ramachndra is a post graduate in Education from Mysore University. She worked as a Teacher Educator in College of Education and in School as Science teacher in Mysore. She is also an experienced EDP trainer and has organized and conducted training program at both Government and Non- Government organizations .Her teaching back ground combined with her innovative methods has helped her in training high school teachers, the youth and women understand the methodology better.Pankaja is a Facilitator & mentor at the National Academy.

Cinque Terre
Sharmila Chari

          Coordinator Outreach,
       I Create National Academy

Sharmila Chari is a Post Graduate in Commerce and has over a decade of work experience- as Customer Service Officer, Back Office Operations and as an Administrator in a reputed School in Bangalore.As the Coordinator for Communication & Outreach at I Create, she edits and oversees the production of I Create’s monthly news latter – iConnect. Documentation of I Create activities and Impact Stories is part of her responsibility. She also doubles up as a Facilitator, when warranted, at the training programs.

Cinque Terre
Shwetha Kamat

       IT Coordinator, I Create                   National Academy

Shwetha Kamat is the MAGIC Fund, IT and Training Coordinator, She is a commerce graduate, brings with her experience of almost a decade in the Financial Corporate Accounting Group at Infosys. She administers the MAGIC Fund of I Create and is also in charge of all the IT related tasks. Supporting the Facilitators by providing and organizing all needed material and resources for training is also her responsibility. She also compiles and consolidates various center reports.

Cinque Terre
Radha Srinivasan

       Administrative Assistant,
    I Create National Academy

Radha Srinivasan, as Administrative Assistant, is responsible for maintaining the database of participants in our various programs across the country. She is a commerce graduate, with a Diploma in Secretarial practice and Tally.Brought up in Jamshedpur, she gained experience working in TISCO. Her commerce background helps her in facilitating training sessions, when needed.

Cinque Terre
Jayanthi Lakshman

      Manager - Admin & Finance,
    I Create National Academy

Jayanthi Lakshman is a commerce graduate with over two decades of experience in the Development Sector. Beginning her career as Administrative Officer at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) of British High Commission funded project, she has been with an NGO – OUTREACH handling Administration and HR and has experience in monitoring & compilation of Project Reports, Project Accounts, Event management, Communication, Co-ordination and Follow up with Project Offices/ Donors/ Associates etc. She is in charge of the office Administration and Accounts at National Academy.

Advisors & Board Members

I Create Inc.

    Board Members

  • Harsh Bhargava
  • Dr. Aruna Bhargava
  • Meera Teresa Gandhi
  • Blair Williams

    Global Advisory Council

  • Harsh Bhargava, USA
  • Dr. Aruna Bhargava, USA
  • Ashok Mehta, India
  • Asha Bhatnagar, India
  • Erik Dauwen, USA
  • Neeraj Sharma, India
  • Deepak and Venu Mayani, USA
  • Naresh and Shachi Bhargava, USA
  • Bharat and Yogindra Bhargava, USA
  • Ashok and Usha Bhargava, USA
  • Vikram and Puspa Bhargava, USA
  • Kirit and Mrunalini Desai, USA
  • Siraj and Fauzia Bora, USA

I Create India


  • Ramananda Bellare
  • Vilas P Kamat


Ulhas Kamat

    Advisory Board

  • Col. Vijay Kapoor
  • Lt. Gen Nataraj
  • Satish Kini
  • Yeshasvini Ramaswamy

    Grand Sponsors & Center Sponsored

  • Harsh Bhargava & Dr. Aruna Bhargava
  • Naresh and Shachi Bhargava
  • Bharat and Yogindra Bhargava
  • Ashok and Usha Bhargava
  • Vikram and Pushpa Bhargava
  • Siraj and Fauzia Bora
  • Kirit and Mrunalini Desai
  • Deepak and Venu Mayani
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