I Create India

Creating Grassroots Level Entrepreneurs
Since the turn of the century


Economic empowerment of unemployed youth and disadvantaged members of society, especially women at the grassroots through Entrepreneurship Training, Mentoring, Access to Capital and Handholding.


Like many path-breaking ideas, the origin of I Create was in the unfortunate incident of riots, police firing on and death of a few unemployed youth trying to enlist for the army during Kargil war.

Founders of I Create, Inc., Harsh and Aruna Bhargava, were visiting India from the U.S.A in 1999. The Kargil war was going on. The army had
advertised for 120 positions. There were so many unemployed youth that over one hundred thousand young men showed up for the jobs. A riot
broke out, the police opened fire and three young men died - three young men who had come looking for jobs to support their families! It is this
incidence that gave birth to the idea of I Create to both of them. Though Harsh and his wife Aruna had lived outside of India (in the U.S.A) for
over 30 years, India was not out of their mind and heart.Harsh and Aruna then decided to start an organization that would help create jobs and
job creators or entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship training in India.

Coincidentally, as part of Harvard Business School Alumni outreach program, Harsh had volunteered to help NFTE
(Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship) with inner city kids in New York. There he met and heard the Founder and President of NFTE,
USA, Steve Mariotti, speak. He was so impressed with Steve and his sincere efforts to help disadvantaged youth and NFTE's practical
curriculum for teaching entrepreneurship that he felt certain, that the NFTE training would help the disadvantaged Indian youth immensely
not only to become entrepreneurs, but also, to acquire employability skills. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Harsh and Aruna decided to take
the NFTE program to India. Steve readily agreed. Once in India, they adapted the NFTE program for India.

What started as a compassionate act to help the unemployed has turned in to a movement for entrepreneurship development for the
underprivileged and disadvantaged of our society.

Why Emphasis on Unemployed Youth and Women at the Grassroots level

One million youth join the job market each month, but there is only a fraction of proper jobs being created. India cannot hope to become a great state if it cannot fulfil the dreams of decent jobs for the young who have aspirations and dreams in the new India.

We have also focussed on women at the grassroots level for two reasons. In Indian society, especially at the grassroots level, they are the least empowered and suffer the most. Secondly, when you empower a women, you empower their entire future generations.

Current Status

Since the beginning of the century, as the work of I Create became known across the country, likeminded people joined the cause and supported centers in different parts of the country. It started with one center in the North in Jaipur at the turn of the century. Over the years it has added centers in the West in Gujarat – Vadodara and IIT Gandhinagar,the South in Karnataka -Bengaluru and Hubballi and in Goa. More individuals and organizations are joining the movement. As Gandhiji said. "If you have a good cause, people pop up from the pavement to join you."

I Create India has its National Academy at Bengaluru. It's most important role is to continuously update the program and ensure quality. It also coordinates the activities of different centers and partners and provides them with technical support in Entrepreneurship Development.

MAGIC fund for start ups:

Access to finance is still one of the biggest hurdles for small start ups who have no collateral and need to finance their enterprise without bureaucratic delays. I Create has created a Seed Capital Fund for such start ups.

Realizing the importance of easy, quick and hassle free access to capital for deserving individuals to start their enterprise, and looking at the shortcomings in this area, I Create has established a seed capital assistance fund, known as MAGIC (Mentor and Angel Group of I Create) Fund. This is a revolving fund sourced through donations and is not a Micro-Finance Scheme. The Fund started operations by end of 2014.

Scaling Through Institutional Partnerships

Scaling through partnership with institutions and organizations of State and National level and institutionalizing the Entrepreneurship Development Process through such large organizations is the chosen path by I Create to create the impact it needs to see in the country through Creating Job Creators.

For this, I Create India has now active partnership with and executed MoUs with many National and State level government and private organizations.

(i) Ministry of skill Development & Entrepreneurship, through NIESBUD (National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development) to collaborate in providing Entrepreneurship Education and Training to promote a culture of entrepreneurship across the country, for which it has established NICBIC (NIESBUD I Create Business Incubation Center) at Bengaluru

(ii)  DIAV ( Directorate of Indian Army Veterans) to establish Business Incubation Centers in a PPP ( Public Private Partnership) mode at different locations in the country to help retiring army NCOs & JCOs and their family members in starting their entrepreneurship journey.

(iii)  SKF India Ltd to incorporate Entrepreneurship Development as an integral part of the YES (Youth Empowerment at SKF) program it runs in different parts of the country to provide skilling in automotive sector.

Many more are in the pipeline.

" I am happy that I Create is offering a critical complementary piece to young men and women: training in entrepreneurship skills needed to be successful in their businesses using Indian traditional skills. My best wishes to I Create for success in the mission of creating millions of job creators in our country during the next decade."

Dr . A . P J Abdul Kalam.
Former President, Republic of India