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Icreate India

Join us to create MAGIC

Please contribute NOW since every Rupee of your contribution till December 31,2016, will be matched by another from a matching grant! 

Every one lakh Rupee in the MAGIC FUND will help up to 4 budding entrepreneurs each year in perpetuity. 


I Create has designed programs appropriate for the two streams of implementation. Creating Job Creators helps members of different disadvantaged groups and others at the bottom of the pyramid to learn about starting the business and motivates them to become entrepreneurs.

One of the most challenging program ‘’Changing the Mindset: Entrepreneurship as a career option” provides the youth In educational institutions with basic understanding of entrepreneurship and encourages them to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

I Create is partnered with NFTE (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship) of USA in developing the country appropriate program and teaching methodology- for India. The programme has been developed keeping in the landscape of disadvantaged, urban and rural members of our society in mind- their educational levels, fluency or lack of in English and other socio economic factors.

Each of our I Create Centers works closely with the partner organizations (NGOs, Vocational institutions, Colleges, Self help Groups and other disadvantaged members) and based on the profile of the beneficiaries and discussions with partner organizations we conduct some or all of the following program

Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme(EAP)Aspiring Entrepreneurs WorkshopChanging the mindset (CMS) :program for the youth: 40 period School/College program for the youthBusiness plan competitions.

Entrepreneur Awareness Programme (EAP)

This is a half day to one day programme. The purpose is to create awareness among the youth and women about entrepreneurship being an option and an alternative to job seeking for economic empowerment. This course is conducted by Master trainers from the centers and very often is part of the intake process for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Workshop or 40 day program. In certain situations, where the target group is already identified as potential beneficiaries of the AEW, the EAP may not be necessary. 

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Workshop (AEW)

This is the flagship program delivered by the Master Trainers to ultimate beneficiaries. Master Trainers are provided with the teaching manuals for use in this program. Currently we have them in English, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada and now in Marathi. At the end of the workshop, the participants are required to present a business plan(individually or as a member of the team)

Approximately 30 to 45 days after the AEW, Master Trainers conduct a Follow- up session. The purpose of such a session is to reinforce certain concepts, clarify doubts and identify candidates who would be mentored by the MTs.

Program for Youth – a 40 Period Program in Schools and Colleges

The course content and teaching methodology is similar to that of AEW. However, the teaching is spread over 40 period (six to 8 weeks) The teachers who have been trained as Master Trainers by I Create conduct this session. Very often there is a regional and national level business plan competition with the resultant recognition, awards etc.

Business Plan Competitions

These have proved to be a great learning experience since the youth have prepared the business plans based on what they have learned. It is the most exciting part of the learning/ training.

Program Delivery

TOT sessions are conducted by highly qualified and accredited trainers from both India and abroad. The training is conducted in English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Konkani and in African languages as of now. Training manuals are available in all these languages.

Training of Trainers (TOT)

A four to five day program.-The focus is on training the trainers in the methodology and course of I Create imparting training in the three other program(EAP, AEW and 40 period). The participants are in a position to conduct the trainings as per I Create using the methodology imparted and the Teaching manuals provided during the session. The participants are certified as I Create Master Trainers(MT's) and become members of the pool from whom I Create draws upon to conduct various program

Refresher Course for MT's

As part of our ongoing training of the MT's, I Create conducts a one day intensive workshop with the existing MTs to freshen up both their training and methodology skills. This is done once a year and may take place even earlier for those MT's that have finished their first TOT

Your desire to help disadvantaged members of society progress economically through entrepreneurship route is a noble one. 

Upcoming Events

  • National Business Plan Competition (NBPC) on January 28th, 2017 at Goa.
  • Leadership Meet on January 29th, 2017 at Goa.

Magic Fund Beneficiary

  • MAGIC (Mentor and Angel Group of I Create) Fund is established to help I Create trained Aspiring Entrepreneurs with Seed Capital Assistance. This is a donation based revolving fund.
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